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The seventh sense

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Wintersongs and other tales of melancholy

simple songs

All those dreams told to the moon

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Old stuff (die gibts nicht mehr)

 Tilmann Höhn – Homecoming SOLD OUT!


This is Tilmann´s first Solo-CD and it features him on 12 new original compositions, all performed on acoustic guitar. This music is a tribute to the guitar-players of the ECM-era, like John Abercrombie, Ralph Towner, Pat Metheny, Egberto Gismonti, Bill Frisell or Bill Connors. These mostly quite and romantic pieces are a unique mix of Jazz, Folk and Classic, realized on 6 and 12 strings, steel and nylon, high or open-tuned acoustic guitars.

The Morbid cocktail Lounge – songs about smooth places and beautiful woman


This CD celebrates some of our favourite songs of the last 50 years, cool guitars, grooving bass-lines and relaxed drums, spiced with pedal-steel-guitar, little electronics and percussion. Hear songs of Harry Belafonte, Burt Bacharach, Don Mc Lean, Santana and many more

Frankfurt City Blues Band – One Two GoGo SOLD OUT!


After 25 years of performing and recording the Frankfurt City Blues Band has released a new CD with some highly original cover versions of songs we all know. Coproduced by FCBB and Tilmann Höhn this album features a very modern approach to old pieces wich can be best described as “Psychodelic Blues”.

Guitar Bizarre


Music for Guitar & Warr-Guitar
Always searching for new sounds and approaches in toturing his guitars this record features Tilmann´s most radical guitars playing yet. Guitar Bizarre is a tour de force in guitar abuse, using all kinds of devices to create fresh und unique soundscapes. Divided in three parts this record features music to MOVE, music to LISTEN and music to REST.

The European Loop Project – various artists


This CD-sampler features artists from all over Europe who work, compose, improvise and record music with loop-devices (all songs basically performed on string instruments). This exciting and unique collection of music invites the listener to dive down into the world of drones, loops and the beautiful colours of soundscapes.



Hans Fischer´s (formally with legendary Kraut-Rock-Bands EMBRYO, XHOL and VIRGO) music becomes new mystic and surreal dimension with this new group. They created a music of dense atmospheric textures and moods, inviting you to join these mystic travels, imaginary landscapes and surreal places.

Tabo – Mandala In Stone


Rich, athmospheric and beautiful soundscapes, created with guitar/midiguitar and a pair of loop-delays, commemorating the artbook “The forgotten Gods of Tibet” and the multivision lectures of Peter van Ham about the incredible and unique monastery of Tabo in the western Himalaya.

HOME – I always thought my hometown was so big


T.H´s first CD. This one was produced 1991 featuring a broad range of different styles and all original music. With Tilmann Höhn, Wolfgang Stamm and Erwin Giebelhausen

Abgeschminkt – Original Soundtrack


The music to one of german´s most succesful movies of the 90ies composed and performed by Tilmann Höhn & Peter Wenke.